The island of Syros is in the heart of the Aegean and is also the capital of the Cyclades. Syros has a long and rich history, just taking a walk through the capital city Ermoupolis evokes feelings of years and eras gone by. With its old and majestic mansions, historical buildings and marble paved streets, Ermoupolis is something of a wonder. Syros was also the home of the philosopher Pythagoras.

Ano Syros is the old medieval town of the island. It was the first town built on the island, built in such a way as to prevent invaders from entering. You should make the effort to see this part of the island, as its uniqueness is present everywhere.

Galissas is a popular beach town which attracts many visitors because of its beautiful landscape and beach, not to mention breathtaking sunsets for the romantic at heart. The beach of Armeos is a short walking distance away, just over the hill of St. Pakou, and is a cute little cove. For nature lovers, a hike down to St. Stefanos church which is built in a cave on the side of a rock, is something you must not miss.

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